Alex and Kim's Wedding-25th May 2013


Contributions so far!

£1177 - Donations on the day!

£50 - Wishing you a wonderful honeymoon! xx

£40 - Have an awesome trips guys!

£200 - Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon. Enjoy the moulin fleurie. Spend lots on dinner and champaign!

£50 - Have a fantastic honeymoon!

£25 - Have super happy funtime!

£50 - Have an amazing honeymoon! xx

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£25 - Have a fab honeymoon xx

£50 - Have a great honeymoon!

£50 - Enjoy!

£30 - Happy Honeymooning!

£200 - Wishing you a very happy Honeymoon and every happiness in your future life together

£100 - Money for pizza and lemoncello - Love xx

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£30 - Enjoy!

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£100 - Happy Honeymoon!

£500 - Happy Honeymoon AJ and Kim!


Thank you all so much for your generous donations towards our honeymoon. The pledge page is still up (above) if anyone still wants to donate but we already feel that people have been very generous!

Our final plan has been decided - we are driving down through France into Northern Italy, spending the majority of our time exploring the cities in that area. Then back up through Switzerland for a total round trip of over 2000 miles. Thanks to the donations we have been able to book some nice looking places along the way. The plan is:

♥ Catch ferry from Poole, UK to Cherbourg, France

♥ Stay at Moulin Fleuri - Route Du Ripault, France for one night

Recommended by our friend Tim, who generously donated the money for our meal here on our first night - this is a lakeside hotel with a water wheel!

♥ Stay in Lyon, France for one night

Although this is just a stop over on the way to Italy, there is still plenty we'd like to see, like the Fourviere basilica, and the astronomical clock in St Jean cathedral. Eating at a traditional bouchon is also something we will try and fit in.

♥ Stay in Turin, Italy for two nights

Where the shroud is from! We probably won't get to see that (they only get it out to dust it off by papal degree) but there are lots of other things to see. The Mole Antonelliana, as well as being the highest work of masonry in Europe also contains a cinema museum with lots of movie memorabilia.

♥ Stop off for lunch at Parma, Italy

By the time we leave they will have run out of Parmigiano-Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma.

♥ Stay in Bologna, Italy for two nights

Continuing the food theme, Bologna is famous for la cucina Bolognese and is considered to be the gastronomic capital of Italy, so we'll definately be eating well! Looking forward to traditional Bologna Salumi e Formaggi - local cured meat and cheese. It's also considered a very beautiful city (second only to Venice). We plan to do the Portico Walk to San Luca - walking through the historic 666 Porticos. There is a Lamborghini museum too :)

♥ Stay in Venice, Italy for two nights

The plan for Venice is to just explore, look at the scenery, and get lost for a bit - we are hoping to see Saint Mark's Basilica and head up the bell tower of Saint Mark as well. For food some Venitian tapas is meant to be closer to what the locals eat, and better value as well.

♥ Stay in Verona, Italy for two nights

Verona was where Romeo and Juliet was set. As a Roman city, there are plenty of interesting Roman ruins to look at - they have a Roman arena where they still perform operas. There is also a castle to explore, and the Lamberti tower (tallest tower in Verona). Not forgetting the food and drink of course, hoping to try some Cavallo (horse) which is a local specialty and Rossa de Verona is a local beer only found in this city.

♥ Stay in Bellagio, Italy for two nights

Bellagio is part of the Italian lake district, we are looking forward to the views and after some of the previous busy locations relaxing a bit more in some quiet scenery. We would like to use the boats to hop between the various towns on the lake, or go walking in the mountains. There is also indiginous perch to eat!

♥ Stay in Lucerne, Switzerland for two nights

Off to Switzerland! Lucerne is right in the heart of the country. We hope to explore the art museums, look at the glacier garden, explore the old town (a maze of streets, passages and squares, with lots of old murals), and go up Mt. Pilatus - it takes hours to walk up so we'll probably take the cable car! Again with the specialty alcohol, they brew a beer, Rathaus, only available here.

♥ Stay in Dijon, France for one night

As well as eating all their mustard, there should be plenty to see on our last day in Dijon. We hope to see the Ducal Palace, check out some museums, and walk along the Promenade de L'Ouche, to check out the Well of Moses. There are 23 Michelin starred resturants in Dijon, so depending on how our finances are looking, we may be able to spoil ourselves for our last night! :)

♥ Catch the ferry from Cherbourg, France to Poole, UK

View the larger version of this map for a better look at our route - Click here to view a larger version