Alex and Kim's Wedding-25th May 2013


Contributions so far!

£1177 - Donations on the day!

£50 - Wishing you a wonderful honeymoon! xx

£40 - Have an awesome trips guys!

£200 - Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon. Enjoy the moulin fleurie. Spend lots on dinner and champaign!

£50 - Have a fantastic honeymoon!

£25 - Have super happy funtime!

£50 - Have an amazing honeymoon! xx

£25 -

£25 - Have a fab honeymoon xx

£50 - Have a great honeymoon!

£50 - Enjoy!

£30 - Happy Honeymooning!

£200 - Wishing you a very happy Honeymoon and every happiness in your future life together

£100 - Money for pizza and lemoncello - Love xx

£40 - Bon voyage

£30 - Enjoy!

£50 - Have a lovely time

£100 - Happy Honeymoon!

£500 - Happy Honeymoon AJ and Kim!


On this page you can pledge to make a donation towards our honeymoon fund. We will show a running total of all pledges submitted so far and a contributors list showing amounts pledged and comments (If you would like other people to know how much you have donated please feel free to add your name to your comment!).

As the wedding has now happened (obviously!) any further donations towards the honeymoon will have to be via Bank Transfer – you can transfer your donation straight into our specially created bank account via internet banking or in branch. You will be taken to a page showing the bank details when you click the Pledge! button.

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